Economic Development

Business Recruitment Program

We will help you identify the competitive advantages and disadvantages of your area and provide information and/or direct marketing to prospective or existing businesses that are considering location or expansion in your area. We will also create site search proposals for national and statewide site consultants interested in your community.

Industry Targeting and Intelligence Program

We will help you identify and regularly track the progress of key industry sectors or clusters in your area. This allows communities to organize their economic development activities to understand industry linkages and support industry clusters.

Land Use and Master Planning

Community and organizational strategic planning: This process helps guide communities and organizations in developing a multi-year year plan to enhance their economic opportunities and promote higher standards of living. Our methodology includes soliciting input from the public, providing recommendations on strategy, and creating an implementation plan.

Industrial and Business Park site planning: Our methodology includes a local market analysis, a planning and engineering analysis (using professional partners), financial analysis, and an implementation plan.

Marketing Strategies Program

These individually developed "marketing blueprints" are developed based on the community's assets, challenges and available products suitable for investment. These blueprints include a theme or branding campaign, target marketing, web site development, effective use of sales literature, the best method of promotional tactics (e.g., direct mail, advertising, etc.), budget development and implementation guidance.

Workforce Strategies Program

Today's expanding industries must understand the labor composition of a community. Critical to the overall success of the business, we can assist firms in evaluating and identifying the skills and attitude of the labor supply; understanding and documenting the costs of the local and regional labor market, including benefits and incentives; recording the commuting patterns of the workforce; and identifying training resources from local, regional and national agencies.

Grant Preparation

We have partnered with some of the area's finest grant writers and can write grants in all major focus areas of government. We know where much of the money is and, more importantly, how to obtain it.