City of Sesser, Illinois


TIF Administration
Façade Improvement Program
Grant Assistance
Business Development


The City of Sesser is in the midst of a major turnaround. City officials have aggressively pursued business development opportunities at every turn while focusing on the revitalization of commercial corridors and continuously pursing projections which contribute to a higher quality of life for residents and economic success for businesses. Moran ED assists the City in utilizing available resources, programs, and tools in efficient manners which produce the greatest value and address the needs of the community. These include items such as utilizing TIF monies to make water and sewer line repairs, securing and leveraging grant monies for street and other infrastructure projects, the establishment of a Façade Improvement Program as well as a Vacant Property Registration Program.

Numerous residential home repair & improvement projects
Renovation of Rumor’s Tavern & Pin Up Salon
Renovation of the Iron Horse Tavern
Sesser Sun Mart parking lot repair & improvements
Double R Bar roof repair & renovation
Lucky Buzz Pub expansion and improvement
Freestyle Graphics renovation and improvement
Meals on the Run – Vacant building renovation for new commercial business
Ideal Furniture/Sesser Web Media Group – Vacant building renovation for new commercial businesses
Township owned building repairs
Property annexation & corporate boundary expansion
Utilization of the IHDA Abandoned Properties Grant Program