SIDEZ Comprehensive Planning

Moran Economic Development was able to assist several communities in the Southern Illinois Delta Empowerment Zone (SIDEZ) with comprehensive planning. The University of Illinois Extension Service was working with communities to develop comprehensive plans, but due to structural changes and time constraints they were unable to continue working with the communities. The USDA Rural Development branch was able to hold grant funds for SIDEZ, and ultimately Moran Economic Development was hired to complete the comprehensive plans. MED’s role began with an assessment for the scope of work that was needed to finish each community’s plan. As far as county-wide planning projects, MED was able to complete Comprehensive plans for the following counties:

  • Alexander County, Illinois
  • Johnson County, Illinois

For both Alexander and Johnson Counties, MED worked closely with the County planning commissions in order to follow their initial visions for their County comprehensive plans. The comprehensive planning process is important because it sets the overall policy context for future growth and development within these counties. The plans addressed growth pressures, future public facilities and service’s needs, preservation of community character and natural resources, development design and standards, the fiscal impacts and responsibilities of new development, and other important issues affecting the quality of life within the counties. In addition to Alexander and Johnson Counties, Moran Economic Development was able to assist a number of SIDEZ municipalities in the completion of their comprehensive plans:

  • Pulaski, Illinois
  • Karnak, Illinois
  • Ullin, Illinois
  • Mounds, Illinois

Similarly to the county comprehensive plans, MED worked closely with the Boards/Councils of the municipalities in order to ensure that their original vision of their comprehensive plan remained intact throughout the project process. Ultimately, Moran Economic Development was able to provide completed Comprehensive plans for seven communities in the Southern Illinois Delta Empowerment Zone.

Karnak Comprehensive PlanUllin Comprehensive PlanMounds Comprehensive Plan